Saturday, February 20, 2021

Songleader Boot Camp post #2: Thanks again to Eliana Light & R. Josh Warshawsky

February 14, 2021
This is just another word of thanks to
Eliana Light
and Rabbi
Josh Warshawsky
, leaders of the #slbc21 Tefillah and Shira Kallah, before the main conference of the
Songleader Boot Camp (SLBC Group)
I've never been a fan of Yedid Nefesh--it's just so long. (I have the same problem with Anim Zemirot.) But I loved Rabbi Josh's version, so much that it's been on "repeat loop" in my head for days. 🙂 Thanks so much for writing that beautiful song! (Was
Coleen Dieker
your co-writer on that?) And thanks for using that "looping pedal" (if that's what it's called) to enable you to sing harmony with yourself--live harmony is still rather rare, and a real treat, on Zoom. 🙂
Naturally, since I mentioned Anim Zemirot, I now have Eliana's interpretive version, "Shadows," playing in my head. 🙂 (You can find it on Eliana's webpage on the Watch and Listen tab under "s*ngs ab-ut g?d"--I've noticed that Facebook is finicky about showing more than one link in one post.) Eliana, thank you so much for being a welcoming presence, encouraging us to bring our bodies, minds, hearts and souls to this experience. You reminded us that it's okay to feel both glad to be together and sad that we can't be together in person. Thank you for encouraging us to learn in whatever mode suits us, be it auditory, visual, and/or physical. I can't wait to meet you in person! 🙂  

You can find Eliana Light's song "Shadows," which is her interpretive version of Anim Zemirot, here.


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